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Why We’re Here

The Dallas Parks Foundation (DPF) was created in 2004 with the understanding that parks are one of the most important assets in any city, and that there needed to be a private non-profit that could support the Dallas Parks & Recreation Department for the many basic needs that exceed the city budget.

Throughout our nearly 15 year history, the Dallas Parks Foundation has become an indispensable supporter of the city’s Parks department by spearheading fund-raising efforts and helping many Friends groups get up and running by creating connections to city staff to move projects forward.

Some of the most popular projects for our donors are Teach a Child to Swim and Summer Camp for Kids.These projects combine the best of both worlds by leveraging the wonderful facilities that our city already has to create opportunities for kids who would otherwise not learn to swim or be able to afford summer camp.

We are also supporting friends groups such as the Friends of SoPac trail who are extending the trail network throughout East Dallas, and the many groups that have come together to build the new inclusive playground at Flagpole Hill. We’re involved in South Dallas where we support and collect funds for the Juanita Craft Teen Tech Center and in Oak Cliff where we’ve raised and held funds for projects at Kidd Springs and Founders Park. Our latest efforts have revolved around Skate Parks for Dallas and their mission to bring Dallas a best in class skate park.

Interested in learning more about how you can help the Dallas Parks Foundation?  Join our email list at or donate today for a better tomorrow in Dallas.


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