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The Statistics Portal Statista reports that in 2015 there were over 6.4 million skateboarding participants in the U.S. Skateboarding has come a long way during its 50+ year history and many consider skateboarding as artistic expression, community-engaging, educational, athletic, and a source of establishing a good work ethic. Cities across the nation are installing state of the art, concrete skate parks at a rapid pace with wide success.
Dallas is the only one of the top 5 largest cities in Texas not to have its own modern, concrete skate park. So why does Dallas only have one small, modular skate park (est. 2007) located in Lakeland Hills Park in east Dallas, whereas Houston has 110,000 sq. ft. of amazing, professionally designed and poured-in concrete public skate parks? Our young people require high quality public spaces like the youth of Houston.
The Skate Park for Dallas Fund, led by Dr. Clinton Haley, has been established to address the myths, misconceptions, and benefits of skateboarding and will be used to study the economic impact, location, and feasibility of a long overdue modern skate park for Dallas.
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