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(Photo by Daniel Cernero, Fort Hood Sentinel Sports Editor)

Save a life today!

We're now collecting donations for Teach a Child to Swim, a life-saving program offered by the City of Dallas and the Red Cross. Drowning deaths are nearly 100% preventable! Consider a $10 donation today to help children in need. Just…

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Santa Fe Trestle Trail Sign
Moore Park Pavillion
Santa Fe Trestle Trail
Santa Fe Trestle Trail at the Trinity River
Dallas Love Locks Bridge
Dallas Love Locks Bridge
Cedar Creek Dallas in Moore Park
Moore Park Dallas
Moore Park Gateway

Get Outside: The Santa Fe Trestle Trail and Moore Park

The Santa Fe Trestle Trail is somewhat of an undiscovered gem where the city meets the forest. Explore and profess your love at the Dallas Love Locks Bridge. Meander along the paved trails that venture past wetlands filled with waterfowl…

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